Keep yo heart, three stacks.

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the worst thing is when you’re super excited to talk to someone and they just kinda brush you off 

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Ex: I wanna see you

Me: Go on my instagram.

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I want to drop everything and just travel the world with someone who wants to just as much as I do

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the only point of a middle name is to let you know when you’re in deep shit

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I’ve probably scrolled more miles on my dashboard then I’ve ran

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  • mom: ok u wait in line i forgot to get the milk
  • me: ok
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: mom where are you please
  • me: mom please the line is moving fast
  • me: mom i cant breathe where r u it's almost my turn
  • employee: next
  • me:
  • employee:
  • me: faints